Synopsis of Chapter Thirteen ~ Back to Egypt
October 1943 to December 1943


At the end of September I got an urgent posting to 22SOR at Heliopolis near Cairo as a Fighter Controller and 2nd in command - housed in tents, working with Beaufighters, equipped as nightfighters with short range radar. I went on a course headed by a S/Ldr Cottrell (ex Port Said friend) concentrating on techniques of working with our new nightfighters. Soon after I was called back for the next course, this time as a (temporary) instructor. Mainly working shifts with tennis & hockey opportunities and Cairo nightlife. Co S/Ldr Rees posted to India so I became Acting CO. Met Ted Elliott (Luxor trip) and Anne (Teheran) briefly.

Made visits by car to outlying sub-units and included some sightseeing - Step Pyramid at Saqquara, Tombs of the Apis Bulls, Toura Caves and City of the Dead. Sent to take over the SOR at Merah Matruh for a fortnight during absence of it's CO. It covered area from Alamein to border with Cyrenaica. Six and a half inches of rain in two and a half hours flooded the airfield and it's Hurricane Squadron. Back to 22SOR to rumours that it was to move up into Syria. Unsettling as Christmas barely a week distant and hopefully our first in the lap of civilization.

S/Ldr Rees
S/Ldr Cottrell
Major Wood
Jose Doyle
F/Lt Ted Elliott
Nurse Anne Rowlatt
F/Lt Stephenson
Heliopolis (Cairo)
Step Pyramid at Saqquara
Tombs of Apis bulls
Toura Caves
City of the Dead
Mersah Matruh
Western Desert
Cairo entertainments
Beaufighter Nightfighters
S/W Radar
Floods at Mersah Matruh
Floating petrol stocks
Exploding mines at Mersah Matruh camp Dec.1943
Mersah Matruh airfield Dec.1943



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