Synopsis of Chapter Fifteen ~ Holiday in Lebanon
August 1944


F/Lt Maddick and I set off late on August 19th for the truck ride to EL Adem, for an early morning flight to Heliopolis at start of our 10days leave Then another flight to Lydda, and a lorry hitch-hike to Haifa with a night in an hotel. Next morning we hitched in a staff car to Beirut and 3-4 nights in a Hotel overlooking the harbour. Sunny and hot, so opted for the beaches. The forces beach was dirty, but met an old friend S/Ldr Sanderson who introduced us to the superior American University beach.

Next day went to the French Bains Militaire beach - much sandier with flat boarded boats (Peloussieres) that were good fun. Everyone there was very excited by the news that the Allies had entered Paris. Next day, Maddick injured knee on rocks, so following day we went sightseeing in Damascus. Explored the Souk, said to be the largest Bazaar in the Middle East. Sixth day hitchhiked back to Haifa after a final swim. Seventh day hitch-hiked to Tel Aviv to meet my pal F/Lt Freddie Belcham, plus 2 WAAF friends. Next day went to Nataniya beach and got involved in two life-saving efforts because of the strong currents.

Ninth day, back to Cairo by air, and train to Alexandria. Next day we had flight difficulties as I learned I was leaving 16SOR and was being sent to set up and command a new unit 5FFCU. A plane was laid on to take me back to Cyrene, collect my gear and fly back. Then my gear was sent on to Heliopolis, and I flew to Bari in Italy for a conference, where I would learn what it was all about.

F/Lt Maddick
S/Ldr Sanderson
F/Lt Freddie Belsham
F/Lt Heath
F/Lt pop Rolfe
El Adem
American University & French Militaire beaches
Tel Aviv
Bathing beaches
'Street called Straight', Damascus
Grounds of American University, Beirut Aug.1944
'Street called Straight' Damascus Aug.1944
Beach north of Tel Aviv August 1944



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