Synopsis of Chapter Nineteen ~ Back to the UK & Sussex
21st January to June 1945


Our crowded troopship sailed via Gibraltar and the west of Ireland to Glasgow (blacked out at night against possible U-Boat attack), arriving 27th January. Took all day to disgorge us, and our luggage, on to troop train. Spent all the 28th, my 28th birthday, travelling down to London, through snow-clad England to a transit camp on the outskirts.

Next day I got a leave pass for 4 weeks, ration cards for clothing and food, and had a job interview. On the 30th I went by train to Lewes and a reunion with Deirdre with much celebrating. The 31st was spent seeing the vicar of nearby Southover to complete arrangements for our special wedding licence. It was a quiet, simple wedding as we had no time to arrange for guests, but with much celebration. We then went to my family in Skegness for 3 days and on to Deirdre's family for 3 days to compensate them for missing our wedding. Had a honeymoon in London at a flat lent by an aunt, but London social life was limited as it was under attack from V2 Rocket Bombs.

Notes on general war situation. End of 3rd week of leave, had an interview at RAF HQ and learned I was to be posted to Ford/Tangmere as an airfield controller, but would have to secure private accommodation. So spent the last week of leave sorting that out - a bed-sit and kitchen at Littlehampton. On a watch system, so time for golf and walks with Deirdre. Suddenly very busy as many released POWs flown home via Ford. Whale of a party on VE day, 6th June, as Germany capitulated. Previous April Deirdre became aware that she was pregnant - much joy! Bought an old Hillman Minx Coupe. Early July I was posted down to Predannack, the Lizard, Cornwall, as a full S/Ldr to work as Airfield Controller and 2nd in command.

Fredith Mumford
Kay Lewis
Ford/Tangmere airfields
V2 Rocket Bombs
Repatriation of POWs
VE Day
Wedding picture 3rd February 1945



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