Synopsis of Chapter Twenty ~ Cornwall & Demobilisation
July 1945 to March 1946


Now Cornwall was no more remote from the continuing war against Japan in the Far East than the rest of the UK. There was now a vast surplus of Forces at home, far more than were necessary. Industry was being switched from armament production to the starved domestic market, but the Forces could only be discharged slowly to avoid flooding the changing industry. There was little for them to do, and even less when 2 atomic bombs led to the capitulation of Japan in August 1945.

At Predannack the RAF Officers Mess was overfull, and married officers were told to obtain civilian accommodation. With great difficulty Deirdre and I found a place at Ruan Minor with the Hendy family - a huge stroke of luck. At work we struggled to keep the airmen busy by rehabilitation courses and sports. Otherwise, for me, it was more like a second honeymoon - summer by the sea and Deirdre's pregnancy hardly hampering her. We integrated happily into local life. On 23rd October Deirdre was delivered without difficulty of a daughter, Denise Anne. The Hendys were very helpful.

Sometime in mid December the time arrived for my demobilisation, and transfer to the Reserve of Officers with the honorary title of Squadron Leader, but first I had 10 weeks or so of accumulated paid leave. It was very sad parting from the Hendys , but we went back into the laps of our families in our recently acquired Morris Minor. I had refused a chance to stay in the Regular RAF as a Flight Lieutenant. The job the Bank had been reserving for me seemed the best on offer, after investigation. I was to start at their Sidmouth, Devon branch on 1st March 1946. Before the end of my leave we'd found a house to rent in Sidmouth and had moved in.

Mr & Mrs Hendy of Ruan Minor
Denise Anne Mackinder
Brigadier General Wilkinson
RAF Station Predannack
Ruan Minor, Cornwall
RAF Stanmore
VJ Day
Rehabilitation courses
Lloyds Bank



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