Synopsis of Chapter Seven ~ Port Said & a Second Holiday
July 1941 to December 1941


Back to Ismailia to complete setting up of Operations/Fitter Rooms and chain of Wireless Reporting Units. I was unscathed when a bomb hit my living quarters. Shortly after, Mudie and I moved to Port Said to find a site for a dish-aerial Radar Unit, soon to be delivered. German drive to Egyptian border in western Desert brought nightly bombing raids to Naval Installations at the head of the Canal.

Arrival of Wing Commander (Tubby) Mermagen DSO,DFC from UK to site on airfield, alongside our Radar, to house a Hurricane Squadron. He decided airfield took priority over Radar, so I was to work 80% alongside him and 20% for Mudie. He was a lovely boss and it was an interesting job as I had to do a bit of everything until other officers were drafted in to take over. One of the first pilots to arrive was my pal, Pilot Officer Joe Irwin (ex Furious) who had a week's leave. Mermagen granted me 6 days leave to join him. We went back to Palestine and into Lebanon and Syria, as the Vichy French there had been subdued. Bathing at Beirut, on to Damascus, then to the Sea of Galilee and a shortened version of my holiday in the Jerusalem area.

Others took over my work for Mermagen, who recommended me for promotion. Germans pushed back to Benghasi, so less bombing. Completed installation of Radar Unit and started training as Fighter Controller, exercising with the Squadron. Now a Flying Officer, I received promotion to Acting Flight Lieutenant (paid) at Christmas

Wing Commander Mudie
Wing Commander (Tubby) Mermagen DSO, DFC
Pilot Officer Joe Irwin
Pilot Officer Jim Ward
Port Said
Sea of Galilee
Bomb at Ismailia
Setting up of Radar Unit at Port Said
Setting up airfield for Fighter Squadron at Port Said
Regular night bombing at Port Said
6 days holiday with Joe Irwin, Palestine, Lebanon & Syria
Squadron installed, Radar Unit ready
Training as Fighter Controller
Promoted to Flying Officer
Promoted to Acting Flight Liuetenant (paid)
Roman ruins at Baalbek, Syria Oct.1941
Joe Irwin at Sea of Galilee, Tiberias Oct.1941
Photo on desk in Port Said April 1942



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